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Hello! I'm Charlie

Welcome to Connect In, a sanctuary for parental wellbeing and growth in life and work.

Connect In blossomed from my unwavering belief in the profound significance of the parental journey.

My own path was illuminated by moments of burnout. After weathering the storm of burnout in my mid-twenties and once again after the birth of my second child, I came to understand the vital importance of caretaking wellbeing.

Through Connect In, my mission is to illuminate the importance of parental wellbeing and offer a warm embrace for parents who may be feeling overwhelmed or drained.

And at the same time create an opening for growth, meaningful change and new possibilities.

If you're nodding along, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or simply adrift from your sense of self or purpose, I warmly encourage you to take that initial step towards transformation.


Click here for a complimentary Discovery call, where together, we can delve into how Connect In can walk alongside you on your journey towards renewed wellbeing and fulfilment.

My Story

For more than twenty years, I've had the joy of walking alongside folks like yourself as they journey towards growth and self-discovery. It's truly a privilege to walk along side another human being while they grow & transform, and I firmly believe that having support along the way makes all the difference.

My own journey began in education and support for children with motor disorders, where I witnessed the incredible power of encouragement and guidance in fostering independence and reaching potential. This early work laid the groundwork for my transition into adult learning and development, where I've had the pleasure of helping people in leadership, communication, teamwork, and personal growth.

Fuelled by my passion for empowerment, I pursued training as an Integral and Generative coach. Over the past decade, I've had the honor of guiding people through transformative journeys, helping them tackle obstacles, tap into their strengths, and lead more fulfilling lives. 


I have held a Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) with the International coaching federation (ICF) since 2015. I am also a qualified NLP practitioner, a 1:1 enneagram coach, enneagram typing practitioner and a mindfulness & trauma informed coach.


I believe that each journey is sacred and requires a balance of compassion and challenge.

That's why I limit the number of clients I take on, ensuring that I can provide the personalised support, care, and holding that's essential for your growth.


When I'm not coaching, you'll find me enjoying precious moments with my husband Chris, our vibrant daughters Lily and Grace, and our loveable dog Roary in the community of North London.

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