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Me & My Wellbeing

A course for parents…


Course length: 6 small group sessions fortnightly (90 minutes each)

or 6 individual (1 hour sessions) fortnightly


Format: small supportive group via zoom or individual

Times: Day times & evening times available. Get in touch to find out availability



In this challenge of being a parent we can sometimes forget about ourselves, perhaps we disconnect, or lose sight of who we are and what we want to do in the world or get overwhelmed and can’t see past the day to day juggling.This affects our own wellbeing and can mean we feel depleted, un-resourced & therefore less able to respond to life in the way we want to.



  • This programme is about taking charge of that. 

  • You will learn all the vital elements of wellbeing & take your own personal inventory.

  • You will be guided in developing your mindfulness & meditation skills

  • You will reflect on your system, how it is triggered and how you best manage your energy.

  • You will learn the impact of you own mindset & unkind self-talk.

  • You will discover what you value most and create practices & a support system for yourself going forward



What to expect:

  • We begin by checking in with where you are at and how your well-being is right now. Wherever we start is wherever
    we start.

  • Then we make sure we are clear on what you want to gain and achieve. 

  • During each session you will be support & guided around an element of wellbeing. There will be content, conversation, discussion and learning.

  • Content includes: energy management, uncovering your own values, your own wellbeing assessment and working with your inner critic.

After each session you will be invited into a reflective activity during the next week to support your own change process

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