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Wellbeing & Support Group

A support space for parent carers to reconnect, refuel & resource.


Held by Charlie Lyons - wellbeing & development coach

Charlie has been supporting parents with their wellbeing for over 10 years. With 20 years experience working with children & families in special needs she knows all too well the added strain on wellbeing for parent carers - this will be a space for you to slow down, reconnect, refuel & resource.

About this group

All you need to know.....

Who is this for:

Any parent carer/care giver of a child with special needs who is yearning for a bit of space & reconnection with themselves.

When will it be:

Every week during term time

Beginning after the school easter holidays

Free taster session - Wednesday March 27th at 8.30pm

For now register interest below & you will be contacted.

Image by Chris Montgomery

What do you need:

Just yourselves really.

You may like to have a pad & pen handy.

Find a comfy, private space and have all you need for the hour.

Just you ideally. But if thats not possible children can be present.

Whats' the purpose:

To gift you:

Some space

Guide your reconnection

Share resources & wisdom

Plug into the power of the 'parent carer' community

Whats' the cost:

Try the first one for free.

Then just like a kids club you sign up & pay for each half term.

It's a club for you!

£50 per half term (Less than £10 per session)

This rate is provided so its accessible & less financially impactful if sessions are missed for appointments etc..

For payment you will receive an invoice for bank transfer once you sign up.

In this space we will....

Lotus in Bloom

I want to register,
Sign me up!

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