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5 powerful questions that help find more time!

Let’s face it time is a precious commodity as a parent, and we can often feel like there is not enough of it.

I find this to be a common area that can cause real challenge & frustration and one where some simple adjustments can really help us to feel a greater sense of space & time. And they are all to do with changing your RELATIONSHIP with time.

We can’t slow the clock down, but we CAN shift our relationship with time.

There are lots of things you can do. Here are 5 powerful questions you can ask yourself

1. Where’s YOUR focus? Some of us focus more on the future naturally, some the past & some the present. Where do you mainly focus your attention? Reflect on the impact this has.

2. What’s your natural pace? When we rush or do things at pace this leads to feeling there’s not enough time

3. What’s your generational story of time? Mine was that every moment needed to be filled until it was all done. Time was linked to productivity & rest was not productive. What’s yours? Reflect & journal on this. How was time referred to in your family?

4. What’s your language around time? What are things you say? ‘Come on there is no time’, I’ve been so busy…I’ve had no time, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Our language brings forth our reality. Can you notice when you say such things, pause, ask yourself how true it is. What else is also true? How might you adjust your language?

5. What’s most important to you? Set a clear intention around you & time. Where do you want your focus to be? what speed & pace is optimal for you?

Hold these open questions in the coming week and notice how your relationship to time can shift & change.

Charlie x

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