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I wanted to post something that spoke to WHY Connect In coaching for parents.

I always make the clear distinction with people that I don’t offer coaching on parenting & how to parent - after all I am just figuring that out myself and I certainly don’t possess any answers on how best to parent.

And more importantly, Firstly, I believe there are no universal answers to any parenting question. I think that when we are connected in, well and resourced we have the strength and capacity within us to answer those questions for ourselves in a way that serves our kind of family.

Secondly, anxiety and depression are on the rise in every generation now. Our own well being matters and teaching our children how to be well and resourced matters more now than ever.

Finally I believe family matters.

As human beings we are hardwired for love and connection. In a world with competing demands, expectations and responsibilities, instability in the world around us, the challenge of technology and more. That need for love, connection and belonging is greater now than ever.

With all kinds of flavours of family now it can be a very powerful thing for us to know how to consciously and creatively create those beautiful systems that are true to our kind of family.

If you are a parent and are feeling stuck in some way and are wanting things to be different for yourself and your family. Maybe your going through a transition, finding it challenging to juggle work and life, or noticing habits in the home that are not serving you and the family. Get in touch and find out how coaching could help.

(Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash)

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