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Are you in survival mode?

So what did you notice about your own system over the last few days? The picture I have shared is my own map for last Saturday! Pretty up and down I’m sure you will agree. I have to say it was a bit of a challenging day but a day in my life none the less. This is ok, maybe even normal in our current world and as a parent. As long as you have an awareness that this is the experience of your nervous system and you know what to do to get it out of survival mode and into a mode were well being is accessible and space and connection exist.

As we have already learnt our systems are in constant flux. Well being is not about being without flux,

Well-being is about our ability to respond.

So what can we do to support ourselves in responding in a way that better serves us?: • Have a sense of the journey of your nervous system day to day – are there pockets, a general state, when does it flux more, or less? • Ask yourself what are your triggers – what are your perceived cues of danger? (not actual danger but our system experiences them as real) • Have a daily mindfulness/meditation practice – this builds your capacity to connect in and therefore get out of survival when needed (and as we know even moments can help!) • Share the state of your system with another! • Reach out for support – Often as parents we think we should be able to do it all but getting help can be a great thing.

If you are a parent stuck in survival mode or you know a parent who is. Reach out and get in touch. Find out how coaching could support you out of this state and increase your own connectedness and wealth of resource.

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