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Are you in survival mode at work?

Do you feel sometimes as a working parent that you are flooded with energy, on overdrive, so much to do in a day, to get done, busy doing one thing after another, ticking it off, task after task, one place to the next to the next. With the sense that at the end of the day you might get to a point when it is all done, when you can collapse, finally sit down, or have a bit of peace?

This energy may keep you on high alert in various ways - maybe you constantly check your phone, maybe you feel fidgety or agitated at work. Find yourself pacing without purpose or find it difficult to sit down at your desk and give something your full focus.

Or maybe during your day you find yourself tuning out - you might ‘zone out’ in conversations and meetings, finding yourself generally ‘elsewhere’.

If any of this sounds familiar it’s likely that you and your system are in a survival mode.

The thing about this is that unless there is a real emergency this state/mode does not serve us and from this place we are totally disconnected, off line! Which means health, growth and healing are not possible while we remain here.

Activity is great and rest and recuperation are needed at times but when they are carried out from a place of survival then they are not doing us or those around us any good.

The good news is that once we recognise this there is much we can do to reconnect.

Once we have the tools we need; we can regulate our systems to that ‘just right’ level so it can actually serve us.

Once here much more is possible, and we have greater well-being.

Try a Connect In online coaching programme to help you address your survival mode and supports you in increasing your confidence and well-being at work.

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