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Balance as a parent is an Illusion!

I posted about this a long time ago now but it’s an important one so here I am again!

Many of us sit with this unconscious/conscious belief that as parents in particular mothers that we can hold every element of life beautifully.

We are on the quest to find this magic point where we feel whole & can balance all of life’s elements -working & parenting & partnering and so on.

I’m going to say it…this point does not exist!

And searching for it I believe only ends in energy depletion & burnout.

As Tim Klapor says, ‘the problem is balance is a state so infinitesimal, so fleeting that it is more like a mirage than an object’.

What this means is that moments of balance are just that, fleeting moments, never permanent.

So, what might it make possible if as parents & human beings we accepted this & ending the quest for balance?

What if instead we embraced the flux, the way more natural ebb & flow.

What might this make possible?


We would be kinder to ourselves knowing sometimes we can hold it all & sometimes we can’t.

We would be more willing to ask for help.

We would be able to be more present to those chaotic moments maybe we might even be able to laugh at them.

We would be more compassionate with ourselves & others.

We would give ourselves permission to rest.

If you feel like you are on that never-ending quest to find balance in your life as a parent what might ditching it allow in your life?

And if you would like some support in embracing your state of flux book a call to explore.

Charlie x

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