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Being a parent is a sensory experience!

Well this is the nice way to put it!

But seriously how much do we acknowledge this?

Remember when you danced in a club all night next to a speaker and hardly even noticed…and now the:

Cry from the next room has you up in a split second or

The ‘mummy can you get me a snack’ from the other room has you jump to alert or

The noise from the playdate that’s going on goes straight through you!

These are playful examples, but you get the idea and I am sure you know this too.

Our systems change when we become parents.

Change is needed to begin with, this heightened state of survival ensures we can hear, sense, see, smell & move to respond to the needs of our new-born.

However, often we don’t even acknowledge or understand this change and when that happens, we can get ‘stuck’ in this place.

I believe that knowing your own sensory system as a parent is a really powerful tool and can help with….

Calming & settling overwhelm

Energy management

Emotional wellbeing



And Communication…..

And bonus! It enables us to pass on this valuable knowledge & teaching to our own children and beyond.

If you are curious to learn more about your sensory system & fancy some free tips then book a free chat with me here.

Charlie x

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