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Bringing back what nourishes you!

We’ve all heard flight attendants’ instructions to put on your own face mask on, before putting on your children’s.

I wonder about the bigger message behind this; to care for our children properly we need to look ourselves first. Something we probably already know instinctually. Yet, when you become a parent those things that that really nourish you in life can become less of a priority and you can be left wondering why you no longer have the energy and resources for your role as a parent?

In my pregnancies I was horrendously sick, and therefore I stopped a number of the hobbies and activities that gave me joy. Once the baby arrived, the feeding and sleep deprivation set in… and so again I was too tired to do the things that I had enjoyed before becoming pregnant.Even when I had the best intentions, when the time to leave the house came, I realised that I really didn’t have the energy…. Sound familiar?

Especially in those first few years of your child’s life, it’s so hard to make time for friends, family, for your partner and finally yourself. Those things that naturally fuel you and light you up inside tend to just get put on the back burner.

Whatever it is for you – I invite you to consider what are those things that light you up inside and make some time for them. They are not only fun times they are times to reconnect and power you up. Put some in your diary today!

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