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Components of Well-being

There are many aspects to well-being especially as a parent and as parents our own well-being needs our attention…

What might happen if you thought of your well-being as a number of different balloons that each needed air in them so they could fly…

1 balloon for my health and my body

1 balloon for my connection to myself and meaning

1 balloon for my energy, practices and support

1 balloon for my environment and community

I invite you to take some time to consider the things that inflate and deflate each of these balloons for you. What might you need more of? Less of?

If you are interested to learn more for yourself in this area join the upcoming on line group coaching course and explore how to fuel your own well being as a parent. From the comfort of your own home we will come together once a week on line in a small group.

To reserve your place or find out more contact me at

Or join the group for parents that offers weekly support and resources:

(Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash)

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