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Crisis - honestly how is your well-being right now?

I’m very conscious right now that in this challenging time with Coronavirus and the impact and fear that is creating. That being well and resourced in any context can feel like a monumental challenge.

Curious to know how you are doing and feeling?

And with that I share these words from David Whyte as to the meaning of Crisis:


is unavoidable.

Every individual human life and every society is drawn eventually, as if by some unspoken parallel, as if by some tidal flow or underground magnetic field, toward the raw, dynamic essentials of its underlying existence, as if everything up to that point has been a preparation for a meeting, a confrontation in elemental form with the essential flaw….

This experience of absolute contact with an essential hidden dynamic, now understood to be essential to our lives, often ignored but now making itself felt…

This destabilization of surface individual arrangements and societal systems combined with a robust personal and almost luminous vulnerability, shot through with the necessary, imminent and inevitable prospect of disaster or loss….

But perhaps, this dark night could be more accurately described as the meeting of two immense storm fronts, the equally vulnerable edge between what overwhelms fearful human beings from the inside and what seems to be overpowering them from the outside

The waveform that overwhelms a maturing human being or society from the inside is the inescapable nature of their own flaws and weaknesses, their self-deceptions and their attempts to create false names and stories to place themselves in the world; the felt need to control the narrative of the story around them with no regard to outside revelation. The immense wave on the outside is the invitation to give that self-up, to be borne off by the wave and renamed, revealed and re-ordered by the powerful flow of a world rearranging itself before their eyes.

Walking the difficult, almost pilgrim edge between the two, holding them together, is the hardest place to stay – to breathe of both and make a world of both our foundational generosity and our willingness to risk ourselves.

How might you walk the edge right now and hold the internal and external experience right now in a way that serves you?

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