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Do you give yourself the gift of PEACE?





This is a wonderful strategy offered to us by Siegel & Bryson in terms of how we can powerfully show up for our children.

But again, this is difficult if not impossible if we are not able to do this for ourselves.

So, in moments of challenge I offer this invitation as a way to bring PEACE for yourself…


Bring presence when you notice something that arises in you which feels difficult or uncomfortable. This means bringing open awareness. This way of being creates connection. Connection to ourselves and connection to whatever the challenge may be for us.


Then give yourself permission to fully engage with your challenge. Allow yourself to feel it, engage with it, say hello to it and name it. This allows you to be in relationship with your challenge. We can only overcome a challenge once in relationship with it.


“One of the most powerful ways to soothe someone …is to help that person feel fully, absolutely loved” (Siegel & Bryson).

We have to do this for ourselves aswell!

Offer your challenge huge love even a sprinkling of playfulness!

“I love that this challenge is coming up for me right now. I know it’s because I care deeply about this”


Our systems can’t overcome challenge when they have too much energy or not enough energy. We need have that ‘just right’ level of energy.

Calming allows us to regulate and get into the “just right’ state when we are more resourced.


Give yourself a break! And face your challenge in a non-judgemental way.

Challenge is ok, its good even its how we grow and develop.

When we can face a challenge in a non-judgemental way, our own resistance to it settles and we can focus our energy on overcoming, moving forward and growing.

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