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Do you have a Calm Cave?

I am reading & enjoying ‘The power of showing up’ by Siegel & Bryson at the moment.

It’s a great read with lots of useful strategies for parents, definitely worth a read!

One suggested strategy in the book is to create a ‘Calm cave’ for our children to use when they need to settle their systems, reconnect and bring some calm.

As always, I believe these things start with us as parents and for us.

So today as a resource for your own well-being. I invite you to create your own ‘calm cave’!

This doesn’t have to be a whole room, tonnes of space is not required. It can be a corner, a cove, a part, a place, a nook a cranny!

Create a space just for you!

Add things to it that are important to you and that support you in feeling calm & connected

Add things to it that give it the feeling that’s needed for you in those challenging moments – could be ‘comfort’ ‘warmth’ ‘peace’ ‘solace’


Use it daily

You might use it for meditation, a mindful moment, to read, to be still, a moment of silence, to listen to a song, do one of your nourishing practices, a hand massage………..

Create a refuge & retreat for yourself – a ‘Calm Cave’ to fuel you & resource you

And once create feel free to share a pic with this lovely community!

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