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How are you talking to yourself as a parent?

What internal voices do you hear within? What do they say how you are parenting? Do they say you are doing a great job? Or do they tell you are failing?

Do you sometimes wish they would shut up?

Our inner dialogue is incredibly powerful. It has the ability to instil belief and empower us to act and in the next moment it can strip us of all self-confidence leaving us deflated and powerless.

And power is the key word here – who has the power? You? Or your inner dialogue? Who’s in charge?

I was once invited to write a list of “The things I am sick of hearing myself say to myself about myself!”

This was an interesting and painful exercise - I was shocked to see on paper how I was speaking to myself – I wouldn’t speak to others this way, why was I speaking to myself this way? If I heard a person saying these words, I would define them as a bully!

And when we become parents this is a time when we need to have power over our inner dialogue so we can follow our own parenting pathway so we can create the flavour of family that’s right for us.

We need to have power to be the creator that’s right for us and our families.

The good news is there is much you can do to quieten those voices and have them empower you not disempower you!

Get in touch to find out how 1:1 coaching could support you or try a Connect In online coaching programme.

Or join the group for parents that offers weekly support and resource:

(Artwork from Parts Work)

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