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How do you get off your hamster wheel?

I’ve heard from lots of you since last week, it seems that we have all experienced the ‘human hamster wheel of life’ at some point or other.

So, what do we do? First of all, we have to get to the point of ‘waking up’ to it, seeing it, knowing it and recognising that it is not working. In my experience this is often not the most joyous realisation! This is often accompanied by something that ignites a desire for change, a call to action. Then comes the ‘first step’ which may involve reaching out, sharing with another where you are at, speaking to it, asking for help. This is brave and vulnerable and during your process of reclaiming your power I believe some of these things can help:

1. Reconnecting with what’s important to you. What values do you stand for? In Brene Brown’s book Dare to Lead she recommends uncovering the two most central values that guide you and using those to live your life by. They can support you in times of challenge and growth

2. Reconnecting with your own purpose or calling in life. What’s the change you want to see in the world? What do you want to create/bring to the world?

3. Questioning the ‘pace’ of your hamster wheel. What’s your pace? And what might this ‘pace’ be taking you away from? What could you do to interrupt your pace or change your pace?

4. Questioning behaviours & habits. It’s likely you will have some habits that are keeping your wheel turning. How might you be numbing? What do you find yourself doing instead of?

5. Bring back the things that nourish you – rediscover those activities, rituals and practices that warm your soul and give you energy

6. Find a buddy! – it is a truly wonderful thing to have a buddy, someone that shares your experience and can help to support your change process.

7. Find community – Knowing you are not alone is a powerful thing. Turning towards a community can offer huge resource and strength.

8. Get support – Changing how we relate to ourselves and the world around is a process that requires support.

As human beings we are hardwired for love and connection – we don’t actually want to do it alone and we can’t do it meaningfully alone.

(Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash)

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