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Managing our energy as we recover from the pandemic.

I have spoken a lot about energy awareness & management being a fundamental part of wellbeing.

Energy as a parent is very precious!

As restrictions start to lift and we all start doing more the increase in energy & joy will sure to be felt. I can feel my own excitement starting to bubble away!

And it’s important to notice that during this transition we may well leak energy as well.

This might occur from over excitement, anxiety, increased mental chatter, tension, emotional reactions, daydreaming and so on.

So today an invitation to be your own observer over the coming months.

- Notice the experience of activities that you have not done in a while.

- Be Kind, welcome & notice the energy of your system when you are in these experiences.

- Reflect on them afterwards & note down how your body reacted.

- Notice if your system felt dysregulated.

You might notice a lot…you may only notice a little.

Take your time…this will be a transition.

Take care & factor in the things that your system needs to maintain energy & refuel itself.

Enjoy and take it carefully, small incremental steps.

Charlie x

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