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Aside from my previous professional experience & expertise I began Connect In (supporting parents to be well & grow) because of my own experience of becoming a mother. It has been & still is one of great challenge, yet I also feel too one of great opportunity & human growth.

At the time I had not heard of the term Matresence and now I know it… can I hear a Woo Hoo!?!

And wow am I grateful this term is out there now! And I strongly believe it should be shared with every woman thinking about becoming a mother, struggling to become a mother, soon to be a mother, already a mother, experienced loss as a mother and so on….

This is a MUST know word!

If you haven’t heard of it…. Matresence refers to the developmental process of becoming a mother.

Everyone accepts the developmental phase called adolescence. During which we know there are significant physical and psychological shifts and it’s a time when you are exploring your own identity.

Well this is true of Matresence; a process of significant physical & psychological shifts and a time when the identify you may have discovered in adolescence hugely shifts!

Yet in my opinion we don’t seem to acknowledge this or give it the necessary attention it deserves.

So, thank goodness there is now a word & term to use, explore, share, refer to, gift another and speak to!

More on this…. but for now, I invite you to reflect on your journey of Matresence…

How would you describe it?

What did it consist of?

How did it challenge you?

Charlie x

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