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My Personal Why?

Reflecting on my post about the WHY behind Connect In. I wanted to share a bit more about my personal WHY and how my journey of connecting in, bringing space and recreating has brought me back to myself as a parent and a person.

In my mid twenties I suffered a breakdown and in total honesty it floored me (if that’s even a word!) Leaving me with chronic health issues for a number of years and a mind that felt broken and changed forever. I found some way back.

Then I noticed when I became a parent a return of a part of that past experience which had me ‘lose myself’. Then as family life grew, a house renovation, a miscarriage, a second child a transition of work. That part grew bigger… the voice in my head said ‘what happens if you break again’ ‘what happens if you can’t take it’ ‘your not strong enough to hold all this’. Fear and anxiety made their home in me.

Then I started gradually connecting back in, listening to my body & my mind, cultivating nourishing practices that served me and I allowed myself to be really curious about what’s mine, what’s for me and what’s possible for me and my family.

Those voices haven’t left me entirely and that past trauma is still there but I know I have power and the capacity to create and recreate what’s important for myself and the ones I love.

That’s my story. What’s your story, it would be fabulous to hear...

(Photo by Elias Maurer on Unsplash)

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