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Rochelle's story

Very happy to get to share this story & introduce you to Rochelle…

I'm sure her story will ring true for many parents out there right now:

The reality of parenting hit me pretty hard. Having a baby in a pandemic with limited support made it even harder. I was totally unprepared for the sleep deprivation and what it would do to me. I felt angry, frustrated and like I was failing at everything. Then the mum guilt started. I wasn't enjoying motherhood. There were lots of tears and outbursts, I wasn't the mum I wanted to be.

I reached out to Charlie and loved the sound of her Parental Wellness course. From my first session I felt instantly supported, listened to and heard. I felt relieved that it was quite normal to be having all these feelings.

We began to look at what wellness means to me and I started to understand how important my wellness is. I need to take time to replenish my energy levels in order to give to my family.

I started to introduce small mindful moments throughout the day. I also started to connect into my body and emotions, listening to what they need. This has allowed me to be kind to myself, make time for self care and use techniques to myself through the more challenging days.

I've found joy in parenting, am having fun and enjoying my baby. I feel like I've found myself again, the new me as a mum.

If Rochelle’s story resonates with you and you are interested in finding out more about a Wellbeing course or 1:1 coaching then feel free to reach out like Rochelle did & arrange a call.

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