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Simmy's Story

When I first went to Charlie I was struggling with balancing all the things that life was throwing my way. My relationships, my young kids, my work and my business. I felt tired and overwhelmed. This brought about tremendous mum guilt and anxiety.

After just one session with Charlie, I felt like she completely understood where I was at. She was warm and open and non judgemental making it easy for me to talk freely.

Throughout my journey, I learned how to connect into my well-being. I learned that my body was a key player in telling me how I was truly feeling. Rather than suppress my feelings, I learned to accept them no matter how uncomfortable they were. This was massive for me being the natural people pleaser that I am.

I learned how important it was to put aside some time for myself daily. Just to be with myself and sit in my stillness. This was a tough one as I was always on the go and as a mother, there’s always something to do! Once I’d gotten over the guilt of taking that time, I relished it. It didn’t matter about the pile of laundry yet to be folded or the dirty plates in the sink! I used my time to recharge and reflect. On Charlie’s recommendation, I started journaling also which was such a good stress reliever. Once I’d written my moments down, they didn’t seem so stressful.

The more I learned, the better I felt. Charlie would offer complete support each session, and afterwards provide me with little ‘gems’ of wisdom to overcome relevant daily battles. These gems were my absolute favourite. She’d often use music to surface emotions and wonderful analogies to help further my understanding of myself, and my coping mechanisms in anxiety induced situations.

The me that went to Charlie initially and the me that I am today seem like two different women. I’m proud of my growth and the woman I have become. I’m still a work in progress of course, but I’m much happier, more honest with myself and kinder to myself which then filters out to my relationships and work life.

If Simmy’s story resonates with you and you are interested in finding out more about 1:1 coaching then feel free to reach out like Simmy did & arrange a call.

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