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The hamster wheel of life!

I had the joy this week of reconnecting with one of the most courageous women I know. I was reminded of how our experience of the world can become one of treading the human hamster wheel of life. There is something to be said for that wheel. It’s safe, there are no surprises in direction! There is a clear sense of rhythm, the landscape is familiar, and we very much know what to expect.

It serves a purpose for us.

The problem comes though when we reach a point where it is no longer working for us and we feel stuck and fearful of what might happen if we were to get off, fall off or even interrupt our motion in some way. If this sounds at all familiar, even just sometimes. Take a moment to consider what’s keeping your hamster wheel running right now? And what might be the impact on you if you continue to keep this wheel running?

It could become your new normal which may not keep you well. It could cause you to lose sight of your own purpose and what’s important to you. It could lead to disconnection in various forms. It could prevent you experiencing the full array of emotions in your own life. And more?

Often when we get to this point, we need something to change, to take action in some way, interrupt our own wheel… And we do have the power to do that! Next time I’ll share some thoughts of how. But for now, if you know what this is like I would love to know what worked for you? How did you change your wheel?

(Picture - Szymon Mucha / Alamy Stock Photo)

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