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The Power of moments

We all know the benefits of mindfulness and meditation yet often as a parent this can feel impossible to find time for let alone be in a state to actually drink in the benefits!

One of the huge benefits of mindfulness is increased focus. And as a new parent this is all too often a capacity that gets affected.

Do you remember a time when you actually were able to focus on one conversation fully from start to finish!?! Half had conversations seem to be common once you become a parent. Added to this possible overwhelm at times, busy lives, multiple demands for our attention, tiredness and more its no wander our capacity to focus and connect in can become effected. And I haven’t even mentioned our well-being.

Yet recently I have discovered for myself the huge power mindful moments can have throughout the day.

By creating opportunities for small moments at various times throughout the day we can open up some space to reconnect, inject ourselves with some well needed energy and help ourselves experience a little bit of joyful space. That space can open up possibilities, possibilities for thought, reflections, an idea or just a bit of needed peace.

There are so many ways to have a mindful moment and also joyful tech to support this if you are in to that stuff (more on that next time). Here are some joyful moments ideas:

  • Look in the mirror and SMILE

  • Find three things you are most grateful for and FEEL thanks for those

  • Take a moment on public transport to scan and really LOOK at the people around you without judgement

  • Listen to a meaningful song, really DRINK in the words

  • Pause and feel into your feet, NOTICE how they ground and connect you

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