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The pull into survival mode right now.

As many of you know I have spoken often about being in a state of survival and how it does not serve us as people and parents.

Right now, with this emerging state of challenge and crisis unfolding around us. There is such a strong pull on all of us to enter that survival state.

And it’s important to say that for some that might be needed or at some point it might be necessary.

But I invite us all to tune in and be really conscious to when and if that point of transition is necessary and needed for each of us.

When we are in a state of survival our systems are likely to feel flooded with energy on overdrive, with a sense of constant doing, reacting. Feeling on high alert, you might be – constantly checking your phone, pacing without purpose, finding it difficult to sit down or be still.

Or maybe your system is in a state of survival with little or no energy. You might feel you are switching off and tuning out to all that is happening right now. You might feel a disconnection to what’s going on around, like you are just going through the motions and watching it all unfold from a distance.

Being in a state of survival when it is not needed drains our systems of energy and leaves use depleted and running on fumes with little resource.

Now is the most important time to have resolve and resource.

Just as many of us are feeling the need to stock up on practical supplies in the house. Our own energetic supplies are of huge value and being resourced in body, mind and heart can only serve us well right now.

So, if you recognise right now that you are in a state or survival then:

Pause & reflect – is this needed for the situation YOU are in right now.

Give careful consideration to what you need right now and what will boost your energetic supplies. Simple practices each day can have a huge positive impact.

Consider the energy that’s of most value right now – sometimes we need to be fierce and sometimes tenderness is what is called for and sometimes playfulness can be of huge value. Be open and & curious to considering which energy will serve you most in each moment.

Think outside of the box! – with many activities and events being cancelled or rescheduled. In what other ways can you connect and do the things that nourish & resource you. I hear that ‘five rhythms’ dance teachers are now holding collective dance sessions via zoom!

Be in community – with larger gatherings being stopped we have the wonderful resource of on line communities, video links and the capacity to have multiple people on a phone call. What can you do to be in regular connection with community right now?

And reach out and share let’s all be in conversation about how we are honestly doing and share with others what’s helping right now.

(Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash)

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