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What aspects most impact parent carer wellbeing?

So here are the aspects that have most impacted wellbeing for parent carers.⁠

I posted a few weeks ago about the No. 1 aspect being the energy involved in being a parent carer.⁠

No. 2 is dealing with diagnosis, hospital appointments, surgeries & therapies.⁠

And of course, so understandable:⁠

1. The challenging journey to a diagnosis ⁠

2. The sheer amount of admin, logistics & scheduling involved⁠

3. The overload of amount of information⁠

4. The pressure that comes with the value of early intervention⁠

5. The new role of a parent as the home ‘therapist’⁠

6. The often un-empathetic delivery of information⁠

To name a few…..⁠

This aspect can often consist of triggering experiences, be tiring in itself and feel lonely & overwhelming⁠

Again, with the intention of wanting to respond to each of the survey findings l will be sharing later 3 things that can help.⁠

Charlie x⁠

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