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Why Step into coaching when you become a parent.

As a coach who specifically supports parents, people are often initially confused & think I must be a parenting coach!

No! I am always quick to say, I am learning along with everyone else in terms of that!

I work with parents because becoming a parent is a huge transition, some may say one of the biggest in life & I believe THIS transition provides more opportunity for growth & change than many others in life.

This can be the greatest time of DISCOVERY, where we can gain much more self-awareness & understanding about who we are, how we tick, behaviours, tendencies, triggers, stories...this information becomes even more valuable once we are parents creating our families.

This time has a great impact on our WELLBEING! There is lot to process, healing is needed. And the things we used to do, access, make time for, can often get lost. Therefore, it’s a powerful time to learn more deeply about your own wellbeing, gaining insight into ALL that can support & nourish you & learning new ways to integrate that into your life as a parent.

During this time how we RELATE to certain aspects of our lives can dramatically change. This might be with the people in our lives, our RELATIONSHIPS might change, this can be unsettling & challenging to navigate.

How we relate to our WORK can shift, often becoming a parent causes us to question our work, our purpose, the way we work & how we want it to exist in our lives.

I have supported people with their growth & development all of my career as an educator, a trainer and coach.

I believe change & growth occurs through:

Reclaiming our wellbeing & energy

Stretching ourselves in a supported way

& bringing curiosity & kindness to those challenging topics.

If this resonates with you.....I am now taking on new clients!

So, if you are a parent interested in SELF DISCOVERY, positively impacting your own WELLBEING & GROWING in work & life then get in touch or email me to book a free initial discovery call to find out more.

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