When we find ourselves stuck in survival mode it causes us to:

  • Be reactive with our children and those around us – maybe we are quick with our anger, lack patience or find ourselves being defensive

  • Feel like we are not in charge, we might have these great intentions, but we find ourselves reacting to the world in a way we don’t want to

  • Feel anxiety and overwhelm

  • Feel apathetic and want to withdraw

  • Forget about  and not prioritise ourselves

  • Fall asleep to life and what we really want and what’s important to us

  • Life can feel routine & monotonous like we are trudging along on a hamster wheel.


By Connecting in and with the support I offer you can step out of this survival state and give yourself the space you need to reconnect with yourself and what’s important to you. Once refreshed and refuelled, together we focus on the journey ahead ensuring you are fully equipped to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing right now.


These programmes consist of 6 sessions (usually carried out over 3 months)
which can be done by:

Self study (coming soon!) 

Virtually with me


In person (If you are in London or surrounding area)


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Our Transformational programmes are tailored for you.

There are 3 phases of the journey usually:



During this phase we use a variety sources & wisdom to support your own self-awareness as to how you are currently relating to yourself and the world around you

Learning & practice

During this phase we land on what this has shown us and begin to practice new ways of being and responding


During this phase we work to integrate this all fully into your live


My approach provides a structure and an overarching plan to help you achieve the changes you want to effect while remaining dynamic and responsive to your personal
needs and style. 


We are multisensory beings and I believe in using all the power we have.


Meaningful long-lasting change comes from a commitment to being openly curious and a willingness to consider and explore. I promise to provide a safe and supportive environment for this, guiding the way forward, allowing you to tap into and connect with all the resources that you have within, and bringing forth greater capacity to get to where you want to be.


This is reflected in the coaching sessions I provide. We will do and learn together, move the body, experiment with new ideas and practices…and lots more besides.


Programmes generally run for 6 months with around 2 sessions a month.

Packages vary. 

Prices start from £200 per month


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Connect In offers surgery days for parents. Parents can receive tailored and personalised at work support to help them feel fully equipped and super resourced.

Companies can sign up for a 2, 4, or 6-month package for surgery days.


Connect In is about you, all of our programmes are for you and your growth & development. Parents often find our programmes positively influence that parenting capabilities
however that is not our primary focus together.

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