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Connect In exists to support parents to be well & grow:

Being well….

When we become parents, our wellbeing is greatly impacted for many reasons. Being a parent requires a great deal of energy and attention. That has to come from somewhere and when we are not taking care of ourselves our supplies & reserves get depleted.

Well-being is so much more than a yoga session or a mediation practice it’s about valuing ourselves.

It’s about understanding all elements of wellbeing and self-care is only ever one small part. We have greater wellbeing when we:


  • Are connected with our own purpose in life

  • When we know what we value most

  • When we own our own power

  • When we manage our energy in a way that fuels & nourishes us

  • When we are growing & learning

Well-being is not a constant it requires daily care and attention


So, we can grow….


Once we are well, we are fuelled & energised for the journey of growth. And growth means different things to us all depending on our circumstances and what’s important to us. Your growth might be:


  • Reconnecting with yourself & rediscovering what you value most.

  • Creating a new vision for yourself & your family

  • Developing your relationship & communication with yourself & those around you

  • Rediscovering your own purpose & meaning

  • Returning to work

  • Discovering a new relationship with work

  • Managing a transition or growing at work

  • Stepping into something new!


When we as parents are well & growing, we are fully connected & can sing from our souls!


Being well & growing...

These programmes consist of 6 sessions (usually carried out over 3 months)
which can be done by:



In person 


Me and my wellbeing:

When we become parents ourselves our wellbeing gets effected, we forget to take care of ourselves, we feel stuck and stop growing. This programme helps you to take charge of that.

Me & My work:

When we become parents how we relate to our work shifts & changes. This programme helps you to take charge of that.

My family’s wellbeing:

Many things in life can impact the wellbeing of our family. As parents we have the capacity to consciously create the conditions that are right for our family.

This programme gives you the opportunity & space to do that.

Growing & the Enneagram:

This Connect In programme offers an opportunity to discover your enneagram type with support & insight from a typing practitioner. Dive in & explore your type & learn how to use this tool to grow & develop. Uncovering new strategies that give you a greater capacity to respond.

Recover & Reconnect:

This Connect In programme is aimed at new mums with children aged 2yrs and under. This programme aims to:

Create space & time for you to connect in & reflect on your Matrescence journey so far. Providing opportunity for recovery & consciously crafting what you want & need going forward.

Reconnect Together & Grow:

This Connect In programme is aimed at parents who are finding that having children or family life has impacted their own relationship & dynamic.

This programme gives you the space & time you need as a couple to reconnect & gain insight about where your relationship is at & learn together how to grow.



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Being well & growing...

Transformational programmes are tailored for you.

There are 3 phases of the journey usually:



During this phase we use a variety sources & wisdom to support your own self-awareness as to how you are currently relating to yourself and the world around you

Learning & practice

During this phase we land on what this has shown us and begin to practice new ways of being and responding


During this phase we work to integrate this all fully into your live


My approach provides a structure and an overarching plan to help you achieve the changes you want to effect while remaining dynamic and responsive to your personal
needs and style. 


We are multisensory beings and I believe in using all the power we have.


Meaningful long-lasting change comes from a commitment to being openly curious and a willingness to consider and explore. I promise to provide a safe and supportive environment for this, guiding the way forward, allowing you to tap into and connect with all the resources that you have within, and bringing forth greater capacity to get to where you want to be.


Programmes generally run for 6 months with around 2 sessions a month.

Packages vary. 

Prices start from £250 per month


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As a wellbeing & Development coach with 20 years of experience working in the field of special needs I have a unique understanding as to how being a parent carer impacts your wellbeing & growth.

I offered subsidised support packages for parent carers which consist of 6 1:1 sessions over a 3 month period. These are created & tailored specifically for you as each parent carer's experience, stage & phase is individual.

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