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Wellbeing & Support Group

A support space for parents to reconnect, refuel & resource.

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Held by Charlie Lyons - wellbeing & development coach

Charlie has been supporting parents with their wellbeing for over 10 years - this will be a space for you to slow down, reconnect, refuel & resource.

About this group

All you need to know.....

Who is this for:

Any parent/care giver with children/a child at any age who is yearning for a bit of space & reconnection with themselves.

When will it be:

Every week during term time

Friday at 2pm 

Starting April 19th - May 24th

Picture of online support group

What do you need:

Just yourselves really.

You may like to have a pad & pen handy.

Find a comfy, private space and have all you need for the hour.

Just you ideally. But if thats not possible little ones can be present.

Whats' the purpose:

To gift you:

Some space

Guide your reconnection

Share resources & wisdom

Plug into the power of community

Whats' the cost:

Try the first one for free.

Then just like a kids club you sign up & pay for each half term.

It's a club for you!

£90 per half term (£15 per session)

For payment you will receive an invoice for bank transfer once you sign up.

In this space we will....

Lotus in Bloom

I want to register,
Sign me up!

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