My well-being story

In my mid-twenties I suffered a breakdown and being totally honest it floored me. Leaving me with chronic health issues for a number of years and a mind that felt broken and changed forever. I found some way back.


Then years later I had my first child and it had an impact on my well-being but I felt ok – at that time I was training to be a coach and involved in a programme of self-development which supported me.

Then I had my second child and family life grew, life took on pace – a major house renovation, a miscarriage, a transition of work and a massive loss of confidence.
I found myself seriously stuck in survival mode! I started to relive my previous breakdown and a fear of ‘losing myself’ returned to me once again. The voice in my head said, ‘what happens if you break again’ ‘what happens if you can’t take it’ ‘you’re not strong enough to hold all this’. Fear and anxiety made their
home in me.


Then I started gradually connecting back in, listening to my body & my mind, cultivating nourishing practices that served me and I allowed myself to be really curious about what’s mine, what’s for me and what’s possible for me and
my family.


Those voices haven’t left me entirely and that past wound is still there. But l’m well, resourced and in charge now. I’ve made some big changes and I know I have power and the capacity to create and recreate what’s important for myself and the ones I love.


That’s my story. What’s your well-being story? There are so many reasons why we can find ourselves stuck in survival mode…


If this feels like you right now and you are feeling ‘stuck’ in life and as a parent and you’re well-being is being impacted click here for a free wellness call
with me.

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Its hugely important to me to raise awareness of the importance of being well and resourced as a parent when the reality is many of us are not feeling that way.

I love the uniqueness of family and I don’t believe there is one right way to live, love and parent.
I believe the capacity for what’s best for your family sits within you.

For over 20 years, I’ve been working in the world of training, development and coaching. I started in the field of education and habilitation, working with children with motor disorders to develop their independence and achieve their potential.

This led me to work in adult learning and development, where I trained and supported people in leadership and management, interpersonal communication, team dynamics and self-development. 

Then I trained as an Integral & Generative coach and entered the area of learning and development in a deeper way, which encompassed all aspects of being human. 

Since this time, I have continued to train, learn and be amazed by people, the potential within and what can become possible through relationships with others.

I’m a qualified Integral and Generative coach and hold a professional coaching credential with the International coaching federation (ICF). I am also a qualified NLP practitioner and hold a qualification for coaching with
the Enneagram. 


I live in North London with my husband, Chris and our two lively girls, Lily and Grace.