Connect In exists to support parents to be well & grow


Connect In was created in response to my own journey as a human being and as a parent.

My own wellbeing was greatly affected when I had a breakdown in my mid-twenties. It took me a number of years to find wellness again.

Then after my second child I started to relive this again... in part because I had no fuel in my tank – I was exhausted, sleep deprived, and life was full. I had always lived & worked with a clear sense of purpose & meaning and yet I lost my sense of that and I began to find life a struggle, frustrating, tiring and deeply at odds with what I knew was most important to me & my family.

I found my way back with a strong belief knowing I am not the only parent to go through this. So, I started Connect In to shine a light on the importance of parental wellbeing & to support parents with their own wellbeing and growth so we can live life with more integration & flow and be fully present & enjoy the family lives we are creating.


I love the uniqueness of family and that there are so many beautiful forms of it. I don’t believe there is one right way to live, love and parent. I believe the capacity for what’s best for your family sits within you.


If this feels like you right now and you are feeling ‘stuck’ in life and as a parent you’re well-being is being impacted 

click here for a free wellness call with me.

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The common thread through my whole career has been supporting people with their own journey of growth & development. And this each and every time is an
utter privilege.

I believe that having a solid companion for a journey of growth is a necessity and as human beings we are no meant to do our growth alone!

I believe each journey is unique, sacred, special and requires both compassion & challenge. I limit the number of clients I take on so as I can always provide the support, care and holding that’s so very important.

For over 20 years, I’ve been working in the world of training, development and coaching. I started in the field of education and habilitation, working with children with motor disorders to develop their independence and achieve their potential.


This led me to work in adult learning and development, where I trained and supported people in leadership and management, interpersonal communication, team dynamics and self-development.

I trained as an Integral & Generative coach and entered the area of learning and development in a deeper way.

I’m a qualified Integral and Generative coach and hold a professional coaching credential with the International coaching federation (ICF). I am also a qualified NLP practitioner and hold a qualification for coaching with
the Enneagram.


I live in North London with my husband, Chris and our two lively girls, Lily and Grace and now our puppy ‘Roary’.