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Becoming a parent and being a parent is one of life's greatest challenges!

We all have hopes, dreams, and desires for ourselves, as well as for our families. Yet once we become parents, the experience can be challenging and overwhelming at times. Dealing with the daily juggling, searching for a work-life balance, not losing sight of our dreams and managing our energy for the often-turbulent journey is not an easy task. 


In these times we can slip into survival mode to get ourselves through, and sometimes we find ourselves stuck there. We can disconnect from ourselves and the world around us, affecting our relationships and our perspective of what’s possible for ourselves and our family.

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Charlie Lyons

As a mum myself, I have certainly been overwhelmed, uncertain
and anxious.


However, as a coach, I strongly believe that this challenging place can also be one of great possibility and becoming a parent is a great invitation for us to slow down, reconnect and attune to how we really want to live, love and parent.


Connect In
offers online coaching programmes currently on
the topics:

Work and my confidence

Me and my wellness

My family’s wellbeing


Coaching is simply a process that guides you from where you currently are, to where you want to be.


Being parent-friendly is good for business. Offering parents specialised support is great
for business!

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