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3 simple things you can do if you feel like there is never enough time…

Let’s face it time is a precious commodity as a parent, and we can often feel like there is not enough of it.

We can’t slow the clock down, but we CAN shift our relationship with time.

If this feels true for you, here are 3 things that you can do that may illuminate some things for you & support you in feeling a greater sense of space & time.

1. Track your time – it can be very illuminating to SEE how we actually use our time. So, for a week track & note down what you are doing. Include it all – social media, admin, food preparation, chores, TV, self care, talking on the phone, video calls. Get it all down & reflect on what you notice.

2. Make a schedule based on where you WANT to focus your time. Often, we feel there is no time because we are spending times on things, we feel we have to do as opposed to what we want to do. So have a go at creating a schedule that takes both into account. It will require some adjustment so stay with it. What do you notice?

3. Create moments of silence, stillness and solitude. Which one of these 3 do you think you would benefit from the most? Pick a focus and create brief moments of these throughout your day. You could use a bell app to remind you, you could take a moment with each new activity or change in environment. The more moments we have when we experience these Ss the more space and abundance of time we feel.

If this is helpful share it with another parent, you know who feels like there is never enough time.

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