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Is work life balance an illusion?

“I want more of a work life balance.”

This is a statement we’re probably all familiar with, maybe you’ve even said it yourself.

Many of us are on a quest to find that magic spot of complete balance. Managing and devoting enough of our time to all the things that we care about so that we may feel whole.

I myself as a parent often struggle to juggle everything. Making sure the children are well and thriving, the family is solid and that I still love my work is difficult.

But what if the balance that we are searching for is all just an illusion?

Tim Klapor says that balance as a state ‘is so infinitesimal, so fleeting that it is more like a mirage than an object’. That’s not to say that balance doesn’t exist, and that it can’t be found, but rather that it can never be permanent.

And why should it be? You are a human being that is constantly in flux too?

You breathe, you process the world around you, you deal with the cards you are dealt, and you adapt.

So, let’s ditch the quest for balance and embrace the flux! Maybe there’s more power in accepting out natural state, maybe when those moments of balance do come along they’ll be all the more joyful and we’ll value them a little bit more.

How could you embrace your state of flux today?

(Photo by KT on Unsplash)

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