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The push pull of being a parent

I posted recently about balance & the illusion of balance.

And today I thought it was useful to simply name the ‘push pull’ dynamic that many of us feel as parents.

Being a parent, taking care of your family whilst taking care of yourself, holding work & family. All these elements simultaneously can create a tension within us. We find ourselves between two opposing forces and the lived tension of that is often viscerally felt.

But we rarely name this. Instead we often find ourselves searching for the place this tension does not exist.

What might it make possible in your life if you surrendered to this push pull element of being a parent?

How might it help you grow?

How might it support your wellbeing & the wellbeing of your family?

If this push pull feels true for you & you would like to be in conversation about this get in contact to arrange a free wellness call with me.

Charlie x

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