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What exactly is wellbeing anyway??

It’s such an overused term at the moment don’t you think?

And also, I’m not sure it’s ever really been defined properly.

If you actually look up the definition of wellbeing you will find it defined as

the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’.

Many will have us believe that this is something we find and then maintain from that point onwards.

We do a few things tick that box of wellbeing and viola we are well from that point onwards.

Well I don’t know about you, but happiness, comfort & even my health is not a constant in my life.

And I ask the question is that even achievable?

And if it was would I even want it?

Life brings with it stretch & challenge, energy ebs & flows, emotions rise and fall, happiness comes and so does sadness. Am I not well if I am sad? Is there not purpose in my discomfort & my sadness?

I think this way of defining wellbeing leads to unrealistic expectations and leads us to focus on things that don’t actually support our wellbeing.

At Connect In I define Wellbeing as simply ‘having the energy & resource to respond’….

Energy is precious.

Certainly, as parents we need it

So, its super useful to know how to manage our energy, what fuels us and what drains us.

The resource bit is about having tools, knowledge, anchors, gems and practices that you can turn to when facing a challenge, or invitation.

And the respond bit is important – it’s not to respond by being happy and comfortable all the time.

But to respond to what IS in a way that serves, nourishes you and allows you to grow.

To include the discomfort, unhappy element of it so we can use whatever its offering up to us.

This has us being the creator in our own lives.

If you are interested in learning a new way of wellbeing then get in touch to find out more about the Me & My wellbeing course at Connect In.

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