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What's your body telling you?

We are embodied beings. Not cyber-beings or virtual beings. We forget this at our peril. (James Flaherty 2008)

How we are talking about our bodies is changing.

Once known as the mechanical system controlled by our central nervous system (CNS). Now becoming known as the system that holds our raw data, the system that actually informs our CNS. In fact, 80% of information flows from body to brain only 20% is from brain to body.

It is known now that working with the body is hugely beneficial in all forms of human development & growth and necessary when overcoming all forms of trauma and addiction.

Our bodies reflect our experience in the world. Our story is lived through our bodies.

If you are experiencing fear, you will live in a body that is on guard. If your main emotion right now is anger your body will be angry. If you are rushing through life your body will find it painful to be still and so on and so on.

And you can observe and notice this in big and obvious ways and also in small and subtle ways too.

I notice when feeling uncomfortable in a conversation I curl my toes. When I am fearful to speak up, I hold my fingers over my mouth.

You may notice habits, ticks, responses, sensations, changes in energetic quality.

Tuning in to your body and its sensations is not an easy thing. Most of us are mainly inhabiting our heads and are somewhat disconnected from our bodies particularly in this tech filled age.

So why is this important? Well it means if you tune into what going on in your body and notice what it is telling you it can have a huge impact on bringing about change for yourself and your family.

So, over the coming days ask yourself what’s your body telling you right now?

How’s it reflecting your current story?

Consider your main 3 emotions right now – How are these being held in your body?

And stay tuned for more…

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